Roadioapp’s mission is to simplify the process of logistics and transportation for people and businesses through technology across Pakistan.

Our journey

Roadioapp is an online platform for logistics and transportation which helps shippers locate and book Vehicles for their shipments, helps transporters to locate and book loads for their vehicles and the general public with all types of vehicles to shift their goods and booking any vehicles for self-transportation across Pakistan. Ensures safety through Real-Time tracking provides the best rates and routes. We are expanding our services to include heavy vehicles’ bookings to businesses along with booking facilities for transportation and logistics to the masses. Roadioapp is operating in almost all the cities of Pakistan and is aiming to create more employment opportunities to improve lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to move our country forward by creating cutting edge technology and improve the lives of our people. We are working to build a dynamic organization that creates technologies to have a great impact on people’s life.

Our Team

Roadioapp team is purpose-driven and motivated to bring innovative solutions to daily life hassles. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow when in Roadio, as we have inspiring talents who are enthusiastic about everything we create.

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