The 20 million people of Karachi, the biggest and the most diverse city of Pakistan, have been facing various problems for a long time. Logistics Problem has always been a major problem for the citizens of Karachi. Most of the people of Karachi depend on the unreliable, poorly maintained and outdated public transport. The second International Multi modal Transportation & Logistics Conference titled “Designing the Future Today,” held at a local hotel to discuss challenges and opportunities in the very field. Chairman, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Tariq Rangoonwala chaired session which dealt with topic on “multi-modal transportation for economic prosperity”. A large number of participants from different logistics and transport sector attended the conference.

Director General, National Centre for Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR), Vice Admiral Asaf Humayun (Retd), HI (M), who spoke on “Education & Training of Logistics Professional in Pakistan”, highlighted key issues hampering logistics and transportation growth. He was the chief guest at the conference.

Even though, People find it difficult to travel due to the shortage of buses and also the high fares which are beyond the affordability of the poor masses. Most of the people of Karachi depend on the buses, mini buses and coaches as many of them do not have their personal cars and bikes and the fares of taxis and rickshaws are not affordable for them. However, travelling through buses is a relatively cheap method and all types of people from a common man to a well-to-do citizen travel in them.”There is a severe lack of knowledge and understanding of the contemporary disciplines of logistics in production, procurement, order processing and distribution (including that of supply chain management),” Admiral Asaf further added during his presentation speech. He said the NCMPR offered a number of courses on maritime trade, transportation and economics, marine environment and conservation, maritime safety and security, and maritime laws and policies.

In this expensive and competitive modern era people are urging to seek better life standard in their limited income. “Nearly 10-11 million new jobs required every year, 35,000 new jobs for every business day, 5.1 percent of population employed in transport, storage, telecom sector and nearly 300,000 logistics jobs required every year “been analyzed.  Where individual movement within the city is so hectic, here we can grasp an idea how the bulk deliveries, relocation and other logistics problem could be an issue for the business and individuals for the citizen of Karachi.

But with a lack of basic infrastructure, expertise in transportation and logistics is far behind a number of countries and cities in the field to ensure timely and cost effective supplies of goods within country or even big city like Karachi. Managing Director Gulf Trading Egypt, Muhammad Asim Hafeez talked on “emerging supply chain challenges for future success of economy”. Visiting faculty – IBA, ex-vice president ICMA, and technical adviser to SAFA board, Hanif Ajari highlighted “how cool is your temperature logistics – [challenges and pitfall of temperature control logistics in Pakistan”.

There are no proper training institutes for drivers, fleet maintenance, warehousing and material handling equipment (MHE’s), cold storage technician’s .Academia and industry link is weak, said Muhammad hanif Ajari, Director Supply chain .commercial and company Secretary, Getz Pharma (Pvt) Ltd.

The advance social media is also persuading people to run their small businesses, according to the survey reaching out the products to the customer is the main issue, there are several problems which small/big business entrepreneur are looking as hindrance in the way to success.

Few are discussed below:

  • Trust Issue: it’s obvious to have a trustworthy intermediate between the customer and entrepreneur who could deliver the product /service 100 % as it was formed.
  • Cheaper or relatively fair deliveries charges: Unfortunately we are living in the part of land where every fare charges from taxi for person till loading transport is being decided on driver’s will instead of measuring the miles to the destination. Nowadays, uber and Cream are relatively showing a systematic manners of earning but again the consistency has not been shown too.
  • Delivery on Time: products delivering within time is the one of the major issue. Logistics companies are still failed to show proper time management. Complex traffic problem is the excuse made by the logistics service providers.
  • Payment Collection: The proper tracking on collection of payment could be trace mainly for the deliveries order made by small entrepreneur.

Although there are many names in the city who are providing logistics services to the public, but unfortunately their main focus is just limited to their earning and benefit instead of also putting little focus on people’s requirements.

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