How it works

Roadioapp; reshaping logistics and transportation

How Roadioapp Works?

Roadioapp innovative technology has made logistics and transportation simple by bringing shippers and transporters in one platform. It matches carriers with shippers, provides features like transparency in price allocation, tracks your goods in real-time, locates and book trucks and other vehicles across Pakistan, locate and book loads for your vehicles across Pakistan and transporters easy access to more jobs. Moreover, Roadioapp provides the general public with all types of vehicles to shift their goods and book any vehicles for self-transportation.


Book a vehicle that suits you

Roadioapp offers you with vehicles ranging from a Suzuki to 40-feet, book a vehicle that really fulfills your need or a schedule for later

Track your goods

Working with Roadioapp safe, you can track your booked vehicle till it reaches its destination.

Multiple payment options

We have multiple payment options, choose the one that is easiest for you.

How to book a vehicle

Download Roadioapp

Click on the link below to download and install the app from google play store



This step is required for the first time, after that, you don’t need to signup again, the app will automatically take you to the booking screen after the first usage.

Set a pickup location

Select pickup location by entering its name or by relocating the location pin


Select drop-off location

Enter the destination for your booking.

Select drop-off location

book vehicle to start your journey.