When it’s about relocating, especially home shifting-jumbling up the organized households in order to rearrange in new place, is so hectic and tiring. It’s really costly and hardworking task until you book mover and packer service. Although we have come up with few hacks that would assist you to overcome the shifting problems.

  • Making useful notes is always a useful tip. Before getting your luggage packed, jot down all useful things to do, so that you may not forget a single essential information.
  • Things done during an eleventh hour always makes fuss. Start packing your households at least few days prior, so that it could be in safer and organized manner. You can ask your relative, friend or neighbor for help if they are capable of doing it.
  • Get the empty boxes from store nearby you. And packing the small items yourself, it would get your home shifting cost cut.
  • Don’t forget to label your boxes on the side rather than at top, so you might see what’s inside, while you stack them.
  • Tied up and pack you’re hanging clothes directly from closet into a packing bag along with hangers, so unpacking them would be too easy.
  • Try to get rid the unnecessary small or big items, moving not-needed stuff would only increase the cost of shifting and will make the new home occupied with extra things. You can donate or gift them to needy people.
  • Use all your empty items like school bags, suitcases, shopping bags, empty pillow cases and bed sheets as packing material. For instance, you might fold you’re paintings, wall clocks in bed sheets.

  • Be careful with the packing of glass utensils in kitchen. Place Styrofoam In between each dish, so could be broken. Fold glasses and cups, wrap them in small pieces of clothes before placing in boxes.

  • Try to wrap container with plastic sheet, leaving your items inside like spoons, knives, pencils, jewelry items, painting brushes and markers, to avoid mess around you and lost.
  • Keep all your valuables documents in one file. During home shifting your Legal Home papers, identity cards, passports, pictures, Security cards, medical cardss one place to avoid panic and stress later on.
  • Fixed up all keys in one or few bunches together ,all your new home and old house ,closets ,car and other keys should be in one place .It’s also advice to keep a set of duplicate keys in other safer place to avoid hectic at last moment.

  • Measure the length and width of all your furniture before moving to new house, visit the new house and plan placement of your major heavy furniture prior actual home shifting to avoid, tiredness to excessively move your assets and cost by mover and packers.

We hope the above mentioned tactics would be helpful for you. For more tips and affordable rates for shifting you might visit us at Radio App.