Moving to a new home involves many different aspects. Because of this, forgetting to do something – bit or small – during the relocation process can happen pretty easily. Here’s a list of the most forgotten aspects of moving to a new home.

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Not removing heavy/fragile items from dressers

Dressers are very useful furniture pieces… when they are inside your home not moving that is. This is because they can hold so many things – clothes, dishes, toys, etc. But when it’s time to move your dresser to a new home, it can be very difficult.

Not only can your dresser suffer damage during your relocation, it can also cause damage to the items inside if not removed beforehand, and also be too heavy to even move.

Here’s are two tips:

  • When moving a lightweight dresser, remove all items from inside before the day of your relocation.
  • When moving sturdier dressers, you can leave items like clothes inside, but fragile items should always be removed.
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Forgetting to ensure parking spaces for the moving truck

It’s the morning of your relocation when your moving company calls and asks where they can park the truck. You freeze. Oh no! You forgot to ensure a parking space for the moving truck!

The problem: the further away your movers have to park the truck from your home, the longer it will take them to complete the move and your final bill will be much higher than anticipated.

As the customer, it is solely your responsibility for reserving a parking spot at both your old and new home on the day of your move for the moving truck. Oh, and by the way, any parking tickets your moving company receives are also your responsibility. Ouch!

So be sure to reserve a parking spot for the moving truck to ensure a shorter, easier and all together more efficient move.

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Forgetting to reserve elevators

You arrive at your new location, all of your belongings and moving helpers in tow, when you step inside the building and suddenly realize you forgot to reserve the elevators. If your building isn’t busy then it may not be a problem. But if it is… you’ll have another oh no! Scenario on your hands.

In a building with an elevator that is constantly being used by residents, it will take at least twice as long to attain a free elevator to be used to haul your belongings up to your floor.

Not only that, but some buildings such as high rises, require a “Certificate of Insurance” from your moving company. This COI often needs to be received prior to the day of your move and without it, you may not even be allowed to use the elevator at all.

Not labeling boxes

Yes, labeling boxes as you pack for a move does take some extra time. But it won’t take near as much extra time as it would to unpack unlabeled boxes after your move. You do want unpacking to be a quick and easy experience don’t you?

When labeling boxes, write the name of the room each box belongs in at your new home – i.e., “kitchen”, “bathroom”, “garage”.

This way, when it’s time to unpack, every box will already be in its designated location or at least easy to located.

Also, be sure to label boxes with words like “fragile” if they contain delicate items. This will prevent heavy boxes being stacked on top of them.

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