Question: What I need to do to become a Roadioapp driver?

Answer: You will have to provide your document to us.

Question: What documents will you need to become a driver?

Answer: We will need copy of your driving license, CNIC, Vehicle Running Paper and 1 passport size picture.

Question: How will Roadioapp provide us jobs?

Answer: You will receive jobs online through our app.

Question: How will we receive online jobs?

Answer:  You will have to download app from playstore which is there in the name of RADLIVE.

Question: Will you make us understand the job on call ?

Answer: We will tell you how to use the app in in the beginning, after that you will do the job yourself. It is very easy

User FAQ:

Question: What is Roadioapp?

Answer: Roadioapp is a mobile app, which help you to book any vehicle you want online.

Question: What vehicle do you have for booking?

Answer: For transportation we have vehicles like, Cars, Hiece, Hiroof and Coasters. For logistics, we have Suzuki, Shezore, Mazda, Flatbeds which for shifting your good from one place to another.

Question: Do you provide labors?

Answer: Yes we do.

Question: Do you give discounts?

Answer: Yes we provide promo codes to our regular customers .

Question: What I need to do to book a vehicle?

Answer: Roadioapp has very easy options to book any vehicle you want, you can also book vehicle by calling us.

Question: What is the name of this app in playstore?

Answer:  This app is in play store in the name of ROADIOAPP.

Question: Do you take responsibility of the shifting goods?

Answer: Roadioapp doesn’t take responsivity of shifting goods, but we try our utmost efforts to make your goods reach to their destination perfectly.