How to become a Roadio

Drive on your own time, earn as, much as you want.
Drive With Roadioapp and become a Roadioapp Driver

Why Become a Roadioapp driver?


Work On Your Own Time

With Roadioapp, you can work both full time and half time

Make As Much Money As You Want

With Roadioapp it is up to you, how much money you want to make. 

Make your Own Goals

You make your own goals and achieve them on your own terms



You must have your own vehicle, which must be in the right condition to get the customers’ jobs done and must meet some requirements.


Your Age

You must have a valid driver’s license to drive with Roadioapp.

Mobile Phone (Smartphone)

You must have a smartphone and active internet connection (Roadioapp will provide internet package) to receive a job from Roadioapp.


Screening Test

While screening the following test may be made like police reports, drug usage tests and may include credit checks.

How to Get Started With Roadioapp?

• Complete Your Registration

Get your registrations done by calling our representative once that is done your id will be created in our system

• Get Trained

After registration is done, our representative will make you understand how to use the app

• Start Your Jobs

Once the registration and training complete you can start getting jobs from Roadioapp.

How Roadioapp Works?

Download The App

Download Roadioapp from the app store, once that is done get signed with the id and password provided by Roadioapp representative to you.

Receive Jobs from Roadioapp

Once you are signed in, you are ready to receive the jobs. Make yourself online. As you will get a job, you will see its pick-up location and you accept and reject that job based on your availability. 

Pick the Customers Up

If you accept the job the app will guide you to the customer’s pickup location.

Complete the Job

As you reach to customer destination make the ride complete.

Get Paid

Once you have dropped off the customer your job is done, you will receive the cash from the customer. For the wallets you Roadioapp will provide the payments.

Get Started!

We use safe & all trusted Payment methods.