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Roadio App | Fueling the new logistic revolution

Roadio App is bringing revolutionary innovations to the logistics & transportation industry. Roadio App facilitates transactions between trucking companies & shippers, providing an alternative to brokers. Helps match carriers with shipper’s loads, using new technology to expedite and automate a traditionally manual process that involves email and phone calls. All range of loading vehicles from Suzuki Pick-up to a 40 ft. vehicle Roadio App got it all.

We’re Solving your Logistics Problems

Best Price

Roadioapp is Affordable transportation service in Karachi and maintains standard Pricing for all services offered by all Partners

Easy to Use

Roadioapp Application and web portal is easy to use. Through our app you can book any vehicle in few clicks for shifting your goods anywhere locally in karachi or in all over Pakistan.

A Wide Variety of Payment Alternatives

Roadioapp provides transportation service and logistics with payment in cash and non-cash.

Various Services

Roadioapp is the best transportation service and logistics in Karachi which provides transportation, bulk delivery services, logistics and a marketplace in one mobile application

Realtime Monitoring

With Roadioapp Relocation services You can monitor real time movement of the driver through the application


Roadioapp transportation service and logistics aslo operates in geographies where people are not very rich. Car bookings are expensive and we bring affordable ride hailing and parcel booking to the masses


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Good app but in transportation section they must have to show estimated price of a trip so it will be easy to decide

Abdul Samad

“Useful app but you should provide charges so it’s easier to check and compare the transport charges”

Noman Anwar

“Revolutionary idea, but the request for a ride takes so long, I eventually have to cancel, since I never got a ride :/”

Fasial Khan

Fare Estimation

To calculate the fare you have to add your pick up and drop off locations, our App will help you generate the accurate go to amount with No added charges..

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A Modern Transportation
Service and Logistics 

Empowering People

Roadioapp transportation service and logistics provides Maximum number of Loader’s in Karachi to empower our people.

Gurranteed Satisfaction

Roadioapp transportation service and logistics provides 100% customer satisfaction


Roadioapp transportation service and logistics’s customer support Team is available to assist you 24/7

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Become a Roadio

RoadioApp transportation service and logistics in karachi gives an amazing opportunity to vehicle owners to earn a stable income every month and also bonuses on a quarterly basis.
Guaranteed earning upto Rs. 50,000/-
Earn Points to win bonus and prices.